No Fee Annual Service Agreement

The manufacturers of leading brands of point of sale systems (e.g. TEC & Samsung) recommend periodic maintenance for all systems. This is considered the most effective method of preventing costly downtime and repairs.

In order for your point of sale systems to provide you with optimal performance, two things are needed:
  1. Every point of sale system needs to be on a regular service schedule.
  2. You need to use quality supplies. Re-inked cartages and inferior (recycled) paper will cause excessive wear and tear on your system.
If you agree to:
  • A minimum of one PMI (Preventative Maintenance & Inspection) a year.
  • Purchase all supplies (Ribbons, Rollers and Paper) from Managing Information Services.
You will receive:
  • 25% off all Parts needed for repair
  • 10% off all Supply purchases
  • 25% off Travel cost
Depending on sales volume, systems may require multiple cleanings per year for proper performance.